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who are engaged in the study of the medicine of a former period,

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Paralysis of the auricle, often caused in heart disease, as Mackenzie has shown,

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of science may point out as likely to be of value in

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Eighth. Intussusception occurs in both large and small bowel, but is

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medication. The dependence of insanity being more upon

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(acquires in fact a muco-purulent character), and then gradually diminishes

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tomy should be undertaken. In chronic pancreatitis without jaun-

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omitting the laxative, as recommended for the horse (page 132),

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K^^^^^2\^^ different cells. But this is not always the case,

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extremities, and general deficiency of the animal heat, may usually be

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A decoction made by boiling 2 ounces of the fresh root in 3

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An account of the more important cases that liave been

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know. In earliest days how many night-hours have found me

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wound. In one case erysipelas occurred as the result of excoriations of this

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pleased with the results of this case, as the patient

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