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copper causes first paralysis of the reflex centres of the cord then of

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tuberculosis but also found in other diseased conditions.

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for the purpose of determining which entertained the correct

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previously it may be impossible to diagnose the presence of any but recent

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candid with you after looking up various authorities to get

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phenolphthalein pH of. are intensely irritating. The sodium

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is supplied freely to negroes as Joy Power. Caffeine

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which lecithin is the most universal representative.

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of conveying to a secreting organ exciting impulses

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to women employees does not indicate that a different standard of

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they may be of congenital origin is open to serious doubt.

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basis not only of the essentially parasitic but also of the more special

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culty of diagnosis in the early stages for when she was first seen

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with surgical dressings on some part of the body and by

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known pathological lesions characteristic of this psychosis.

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others beginning to separate. In extreme cases the necrosis is advanced

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to their confinement for their own safety and that of others is

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Pringsheim s recent investigations by his new method of

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in epileptic and other convulsions hysteria dysmenorrhea

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Meeting and by them recommended for publication was presented

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of general treatment which I shall take up later. However we give a

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The leeches were still on the left side and the right

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side of both fields of vision i.e. the right occipital lobes were

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with the result of a very palpable bolstering up of the

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of the recent epidemic appears but it is interesting to note that

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and returning rapidly places it under the patient and against the bearers ankles.

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Mr Furneaux Jordan of Birmingham. The difference consisted in

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tropics and sub tropics. I do not know ifjt has a specific

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a foreign country in Rutherford Paterson he became a local

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illness from fulfilling the office. On behalf of the Acad

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We will suppose that an animal does rest the elbow upon the

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