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and shoulders, leaving the Burface of the skin in an ulcer as far as it went, with a
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the lungs, pain in the side, attended, by turns, with general debility, I became much
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The liver, spleen, and lungs were large and congested.
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the like. Voluntary effort has already shown, by its success in London,
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At the end of ten minutes at a trot, and of five minutes at a gallop,
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To continue the series we inoculated another guinea-pig and a
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165. A ten-year-old grey cart mare, seen on the 8th January,
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shown, for example, that exophthalmia may be determined by injecting
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The proposition was seconded by Dr. Alfred Hall (Brighton), and
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the fcetus in mothers who have died from cholera. In the fcetus, the
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are very willing to acquire this treasure, for it is used in making
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tained reliable information, one hundred and three had loss of con-
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five sixteenths of an inch ; left auricle (close to junction with ventricle)
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in which the former action gained a decided advantage over the latter,
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were drawn in so as to create a deep hollow at each inspiration, and
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Gangrene is oftenest represented by little greyish-yellow tracts
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Senior Physician, Dr. Durrant, occupied the chair, and was supported by
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is most easily raised, it happens that the pelvis gradually turns upon
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ture. The second wound resembled the first, was two inches from
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compresses the brain. Bay has related an interesting case of this
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•SiMFSON, George A., M.B., to Jane Hazclt, second daughter of John MacrODIN,
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drawn to the right side, so as to freely expose the left molars. The
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vessels were twisted, others tied and also returned into the abdominal
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is interfered with, and albumen consequently appears in the urine. But
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Attacked with pain in great toe. 1. IT.ands swollen ;
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39' 5*^ C. The urine was of normal colour, contained no sugar or bile
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in a day, but the horse was noticed to pass very little urine, the cardiac
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