leaves may be laid on them and in either case they must be
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March. The respirations are irregular and show periodicity in
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not infrequently hyaline thrombi which react to Weigert s fibrin stain in
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Sec.. The Committee on Scientific Work shall consist of three
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have found to be a most efficient remedy for the convulsions of
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copied by that journal from the British Fancier on the subject of Dogs
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advantage to attack the cyst from behind as there it could be
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catello even claims that they are the result of the re
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The department s objectives are to teach undergraduate medical students those
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Treatment. Measles is a self limited disease and ve are unable
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at both ends of all sorts simply do not consist with
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what is very common in such cases some dilatation of the
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The good results obtained from all these agents are eas to explain
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tima lateral suture may be safely undertaken. When the condi
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disease subject to great periodical fluctuations Roki
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the strongest meet. What a record of the follies and caprices of
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certain epidemics though such cases are wont to occur
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continued observation of proceedings in Washington
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is without doubt very direct ilanger the more so if the proper
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said to possess. The decomposing or counteracting power of
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and during the busiest day of the summer o f quarts
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lectures on The Fallacies of the Principles and Practice of
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ence to the medical profession that we are trying to impose too
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gested was probably owing to the incompleteness of the blocking
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tumor had become smaller and firmer and the pulsation
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the laryngeal inflamnjation than of the bronchitis and the tracheitis which
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Sul contenuto batterico normale dell appeudioe verrai
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one. another hut still with distinctive features. Erb compares Ray
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one of the greatest figures in scientific medicine
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seen grow from its village appointments to the proportions
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diaphoretic and expectorant. Dose of the powdered root as an eme
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with the mildeft Aperitives and proceed to the laft Clafs which
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which was rendered more diflScult by ascites and a large umbilical
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means of extension and gentle manipulation the mechanical treat
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blood are mischievous factors in such a case. It is necessary
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inner surface. The bladder was now to be washed out once or twice

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