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ments which will result from a realization of the possibilities of

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yielded favorable results in six cases of extraperitoneal

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numerous correspondents on this suliject and I do not remember

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Metschnikoff and the immune sera obtained by means of ricin abrin etc.

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illuminated by the work of Ricketts. It remains only

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century perished by his own hand. He ought to have lived

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more must pass before any conclusions might be drawn.

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rect the curvature as much as possible and then in

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extract on the other hand causes contraction in the

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palpable. Abdomen full tympanitic and slightly tender in right upper quad

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tive while the physical and a ray findings were positive. In two other

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which point its cross section steadily increases until about the middle

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that gangrenous hernia should be treated by resection and

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from Oxford Alma Mater will compel her sons to compete in London

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for the support of the parts of the brain it forms sinuses

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In an old standing case of otitis media accompanied by

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The anatomical connection of these three sinuses should

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surgical procedure is quite inadmissible it i.s a direct means of

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Mental Diseases Diseases of the Skin and Syphilis Materia Med

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human race and the teaching of the obstetrical art women are

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ment of lame horses. There are rings in every stall for slinging

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to erect a wooden pavilion to facilitate the isolation of

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bisis if it were possible to discover symbols for the most

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of bringing the mass within easy reach of the finger. A

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resolution be sent to the Secretary of the Committee and the

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the employment of serum prepared by analogous meth

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one of the greatest figures in scientific medicine

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First it speaks against the exdusivism of the discov

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enumerates some diagnostic signs. In chronic meningo myelitis there

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or not is uncertain. If they are accidental as seems very probable

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Minot. Frerichs recognized three groups of cases a Those in which

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the part of patients which is too much encouraged by the money

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salines being administered simultaneously by the mouth. The following examples

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of grams calories. If we want to bring about the decompo

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is adoi ted from the first. The acute spreading or general peritonitis

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consequent on an equally definite and permanent average drop of

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preference the bovine species but we have seen cases of poisoning

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has received the imprimatur of so great an authority as Dr. John B.

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series of examinations of forty four livers taken as

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aid of the fluoroscopc and noting the diflference in the

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the depressed or inhibited heart while at the same time free from

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