became excited but was soon paralyzed by the venous

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to enable the valve to close it. To say that in many

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of pathological specimens and in library equipment. Through them

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from the magic lantern by models and by the exhibition of

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have a splendid organization in the field and nowhere can there

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found. One was due to thrombosis of the right internal carotid secondary

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In repeating the animal experiments of Clairmont and von Haberer

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copies ever reached England. Indeed Dr. Watson to whose admirable lectures the

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they are frequently found in the rectum and often pass

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fore be borne in mind that the spleen does not always become increased

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sections conical in outline and running in the direction

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the madness of the rat was caused by eating ratsbane and

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constituent of the diet is in excess of the body needs

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ceeded in remedying this evil as soon as possible and also

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tion should be made for any pre existing disability.

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their Clreek antecedents for their education. The school

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day from the development of tlie tetanus the patient

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is prevented by the glycerin. Kocard incises the hepatized lungs which have been

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dently in the ordinary manufacture of Compound Syrup of

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Hans Jonas Philosophical Reflections on Human Experimentation in

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these were to be looked upon as organic or as psychogenic disturbances.

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Major Egon A. Koerper Surgeon relieved from duty at Fort Keogh

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substance should alone be used or an abbreviation of it

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usually results from opening a vein with a rusty fleam

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of anaemia are of infinitely greater importance than special

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