army of Charles V. during its expedition against Tunis

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Many observers have recorded their belief that influenza is in some

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first. All the States recognize the necessity for it.

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referred to the right infrascapular region. He received morphin grain Vs and

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Jnvchca. which had i erforated and ruptured into the trachea. As long as

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weight gave himself a severe strain and felt he said

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organ instead of its enlargement. A variety of acute

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following interesting case. A patient affected with erysipelas of the face behig

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Relation to Tuberculosis. The proportion of cases in which the

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Johns Hopkins Hospital to be erected at Baltimore and explained

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missioners of Charity and the Catholic Foundling Institu

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apart and to obliterate the thrust of one bone upon

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evident that the real deformity lies not vafront of. but be

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in a similar manner before the posterior flap is made.

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sick horse as a visiting veterinarian expressed it the other

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were tested in the usual manner but without discovering

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Jonnesco of Bucharest. He reports twenty two cases in which operations

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undergone a fatty transformation owing to the influence ex

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branches in all regions and districts of the country. Unfor

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their crisis to die of exhaustion in a few days later.

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into the wound an incision was made in the duodenum

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sulphate of lime and the chloride of sodium is free

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th re is an increased susceptibility to trauma is present in thesie

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colonists who came into close contact with the soil and

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May and dressed in very light clothing but he was so much

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It has been clearly shown that the amount of glucose in the circulating

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state. It has never been obtained in a condition distinct from

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for the last six months of ihe number of immigrants

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could be filled with a large quantity of fluid so that the

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without influencing the other. Instinct has its domain in practical

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gluttonous indulgence in beans Delasiauve and cases

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quently considered intractable facial neuralgias will

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food till the next morning. He found that during the period when the

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of non malignant swellings and tumors. They exert an almost specific

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by bacteria and the vast amount of knowledge which has

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hoped this to be by removal of a considerable part of the occipital

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