from the date of the first injection, although this should not have been

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and the readiness with which they could have passed

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which hold up and fix these structures at an abnormally

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tion of the degree of hearing, especially in cases of

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gutter and evidently under the influence of alcohol. "We

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He has allowed his patients to get about on the twelfth or fifteenth day.

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the death of one of our classmates, Warren Batell, of acute leukemia. His humor, good naturedness and

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Case IV'. History of "bilious" spells for some time,

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over the appendix show a certain amount of rigidity. If it continues

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work on the part of the renal epithelium, and there

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The salicylates, benzoates, sulphur, ammonium chloride, and taraxacum are

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always overcome. Nor is this a temporary effect, as is shown by the

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ultimate value of the treatment must depend upon the nature of the

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at the time of operation. 4. Even in advanced cases the operation is free

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23d, when Dr. Viega-s stated that it had been present in the city for a

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Journal, 1896, No. 26) has found, in dissecting the brachial plexus of the

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of instruments, either for diagnostic purposes or for

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in a few days at the angle of the anterior chamber. The third attempt at

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usual diseases of childhood. During the last two years she has been

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cascs and deaths reported for the tzco zveeks ending July

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A Xew Method for Examining the Function of the Stom-

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at the free baths are not so beautiful. There is one

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Of the 14 cases collected 3 died and 11 recovered, one without intervention

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