of the excretory organs. Should moderate diarrhoea or increased diure

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Ampelopsin and exhibit in doses of from five to ten grains

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have not been quite successful nor the application of powdered

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To ask that thirst may be quenched and not use the water

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pin through the aponeurosis immediately above the upper frag

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Leiths house where the young Laird of Fowlis was living but this

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temperature at noon and midnight are often the same.

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writing on this point says that irrigations of anti

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Asthma is then a pecuhar traumatic neurosis whose character

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citis and mucomembranous enterocolitis could not be

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complete destruction of nervous power is not due to

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qualities of modulation and expression belonging to the human voice.

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was on from six to eight hours it was removed. A poultice

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past statistics of the Hospital disprove it but we under

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revealed an open delta sign at the superior sagittal

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Therefore great vessels measuring more than G cm. in diameter

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with the Boolean sum of all members of these n units which

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meter marked C. Two and a half drachms of quinine sulphate

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opened on the th April and there was a discharge of about

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tablespoonfuls every other day. Another formula consists of

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In the pepsin containing mixtures the conversion of the starch is

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ble for the great change which has occurred in our city hos

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fective action of the diaphragm. The respiratory centre

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of some forms of partial epilepsy with bradycardia. Gen

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The Introductory Leettu e was delivered by Dr. Edgar

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places refractive defects at the basis of general disease of

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muscles no tenotomy of an internus short of turning the balance of the

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Reviewing these figures the general death rate for the county

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cember being the result of his labors with those of his friends

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