typhoid bacilli have been found to play an important role in meat poisoning,

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rule, presumably on account of their high speed of migration. Sodium, for


Prophylactic Treatment. — Acute rheumatism must be prevented as far as

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it goes around the body and covers the entire abdomen. The elastic is of

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hands is thick, the pock may pass through all of its phases without distinctly

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is steadily decreasing by virtue of better hygienic precautions.

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reaches the blood stream. The same rapid onset may be seen in a rapidly

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and stains more intensely with the acid dyes. The single cells so altered

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disease." Vanderpoel, 1893, "Serum albumin in noticeable

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Dr. Rogers thought that the family record was a com-

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improves and the voice returns to its normal character. Recovery is often

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strands among the hydropic cells and account for the umbilication. By

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character of the pulse immediately before is in marked contrast to that after

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occur in sufficient quantities free in nature. Human tetanus, it is true, has

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fectious reactions may be placed in 1888, when Roux and Yersin discovered

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reduces the temperature and calms the delirium. When the temperature is

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humanized lymph was used and when instruments were never cleaned.

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iology, that dysentery bacilli may be carried by flies and the possibility of

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