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priate treatment, which often leads to amelioration or removal of the
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function of the liver. They may be very numerous in children, and
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In spite of what has just been said it must be admitted that errors
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not due to structural defect, much may be done to improve it by lip and
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Figure 48, page 644, "Mouth parts of various genera of hard ticks (ventral
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Of the region of the anus and the perineum. — This eczema is an ex-
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coronet amongst the peers. Though the "Extinct Peerages"
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and the symptom. We are considering at present the case of the
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frame and sallow of face, petulant rather than sulky, and concealing under
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to the finely-divided nerve substance at the extremities of these short
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The secretion of sebum is diminished but not abolished, the scales
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mental action both depend upon similar modes of neural action ; some-
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or coloured by black lead and other pigments ; indeed, the ingenuity
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colour, which, when in time they flatten down, possess for a long period

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