the treatment in one month, and before the swelling had en-
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Sentinel October 9, 1899. In Idaho the disease prevails
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4 in. from the anterior nares and that in a young subject, that is over
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The Treatment of Asphyxia. — Dr. B. Howard, lately repeated in
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risk. 6. That great care should be taken in feeding the
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is accompanied by two plates, containing nine figures, representing abnormal
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knock-knee. This had occurred in youth and remained
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But does all this argue that catharsis is not a natural
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one-sixth of a grain of morphia twice daily, increasing
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which nature had arranged to supply the parts below with blood, after
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The Spanish Govcrnmsut with their usual intolerance lately
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from half to three-quarters of an inch in width, and the
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of atmospheric pressure. It was once thought that the symptoms were
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is to induce the formation of new periosteal bone and so secure
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to this shortening of the muscle as the " adapted atrophy of Paget," and
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But other forms of disease than asthenopia, and many not so
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Extension of the Practice of Establishing Specialized Centers 194
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of vicarious action; for it is most generally the case that
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though, of course, otheis might not agree with him in
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resents the mortality in the cities named, as reported to Dr. John B.

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