succumb. But at other times this is not the case, and very
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enters the system in drinking water or food contaminated by the
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He told me too, that he had a strange numbness of the leg
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of muscular tissue close up to or including the aryttenoid cartilage, the
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In the case referred to by Dr. Neilson, where forty-five
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An intravenous injection of 0.2 gm. salvarsan gave no relief. A few days
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3.18. No diarrhoea; spots are still to be seen, but are fading every
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ot it Inis involves the consideration, not only whether insanity existed
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symptoms denominated dyspeptic, or referable to a deranged state of the
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tube during inflation by means of Politzerization or catheretization.
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prove harmful. Undoubtedly Tyree's Antiseptic Powder is the remedial
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riably be opened through the chest wall posteriorly, being direct and well
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in, differential, 523 ; logical definition, 895 ; m-tab-
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but these latter, in so far as any considerable p>hysiological

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