of Caersws, Montgomeryshire. — Jfateria Medica : Gold
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tion of the whole system — swelling of the glands of
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leaves the corpuscles without life, and in a short time
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appeai'anee his jirofessional glance gleaned signs of
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that there were 1,337 suicides in England in the year
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each cow, against a much smaller space for the other
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this evening with a pajjer from another member, and
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the systole and diastole, it is not so distinctly synchronous with the
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would suggest having a petition ready for signature
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demonstrated in the lesion in three cases, and in two tuberculous
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the power of standing and walking ; but they had all
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number: — Dr. Sieveking (London); Dr. Sibson (Lon-
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"Wliere is the oxygen which is taken up by the blood
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cellular elements of the capillaries and finer vessels are partially or
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Major of the Coldstream Guards, gives the following
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these, and so to reach the uterus, and restore, as far
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a strengthening diet. (Gaz. Mklicale de Paris, Sep-
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attention to trifling ailments than their immediate
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memliers of long standing — Drs. Sibson and Cowan.
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rupture or perforation, or, as the attenuated tissue yields under the
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Tiox, — Much as I might have felt tempted to select
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zontal position, near the floors of their apartments,
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■whether it has died natui'ally or been kUled, should
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certainty with which it appears to take effect. When
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practitioner can foretell whether there will result a
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healing — a hope which, I need not say, is destined
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may be, attractive way, and by encouragement of free
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something great in the sound of thirtj', forty, sixty
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great majority of cases the stricture is situate at the
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is rare in infancy, but begins to show itself with the occurrence of
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tient was allowed to get up during the twelfth week
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of cocculus indicus, tobacco, or other poisonous sub-
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ages and splints firmly applied on starting to prevent
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excellent series of photographic representations of
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In 1842, 1 began to note the effect of ergot in those
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posed to exercise this influence by robbing the protoplasm of the
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from the other species of venereal ulcers ; and it is
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and often by attacks of so-called biliousness, and by icterus when
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lingers : and there, wisely or unwisely, the number of
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Saturday St. Thomas's, 1 p.m.— St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. —
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necessarily exclude the presence of fluid in the pericardial sac.
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observed first by Hoppe (1855), next by Griesinger, that in certain
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