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ences. In many cases the free exposure of an infected
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mend iridectomy though he thinks the operation may be properly tried in
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Spinal Cord. The membranes were healthy. Externally the spinal cord pre
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and drags himself about discharging his duties in a per
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Forces and later to his general practice in rural Phila
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Mutual Relations of the Birth rate and Death rate.
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shall hold a prouder position and be more than ever
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shall not pay nor obligate the Connecticut Medical Society to pay
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But with regard to the south of Europe and North America
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evidenced within this group a repetition of what has occurred in the whole
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Knowledge of the measures of personal hygiene which will
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serious in its results. The injury to the bone and soft tissues in
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these signs we can thus readily distinguish spinal from
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doubt. Thus in only thirty five cases of the thousand
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lower part of the abdomen and pelvis. He was supposed
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Celtic race is less resistant to such influence than
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Brooklyn who had had some practical experience in this subject in St.
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strewed on cankers and running ulcers wonderfully helps
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violent but it has a slight paroxysm on both of the intermedi
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In entering on a new year of our editorial duties we
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cedes and that the drug establishes a certain degree of toler
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all conditions which act unfavorably either mediately or immediately on
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system for Bretoneau Tweedie and Sims all speak of having
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or deer and in the camel than in the horse. Accordingly in
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the life work of the late Dr. Peters were read by Dr.
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reaction as a test for boiled milk and the discussion continued
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eral clinical picture would be included under the head of pseudo
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Caffein is useful in dropsy due to chronic nephritis it stimulates the
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but important peer encounters in daily patient care.

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