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of cases have a distinct etiological influence. Souques^ has reported 49
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membrane covering the tonsils, palate, and cheeks usually do not show after
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of corrosive sublimate 1 to 8,000, or with a solution of permanganate of
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secondly, because in our special field of work, life insurance
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am patriot enough to take pains to bring this useful invention into fashion in
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death oil the fifth day of the disease. Purulent exudate.
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unbroken skin, and when sepsis has already occurred, or is
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may be sealed. Serum is best kept, after separation from the corpuscles, in a
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Boston, the onset in whom was nearly simultaneous, was traced to a ward
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two weeks or more after the ingestion of the blood, before the mosquito
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the fact that the danger does not now arise so much from the
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special features, the common position of tenderness being the right iliac fossa.
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3. A male, aged 69 years, remained in the Retreat 52
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lature had fallen to normal. Such a temperature can always mean a complication.
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majority. The patient is in apparent health when attacked with illness.
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sons. So that when we speak of the significance of albumin,
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carefully watched, delay is usually safe, but there is always the risk of perfor-
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while the skin is perspiring and the system overheated and
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perience. No marked increase of mortality is revealed as
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regard to the agglutinability of closely related bacterial species are due to
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common to all forms of toxaemia, as fever, rigor, general malaise, prostration,
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relative, a profuse haemorrhage from the limgs occurred from
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puncture, inasmuch as the canal of Magendie may be closed by adhesions.
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of most of the insurance companies to decline outright all

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