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knees have increased in size and become more painful

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differential diagnosis of difficult problems, x-ray studies and

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coagulate was increased by bleeding, or by weakening the ac-

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house physician. She was an ill-nourished woman, but except

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swelling has been somewhat larger than it is this evening, the

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South, to proceed from Newport Barracks, Ivy., to New

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of normal shape. Free unnatural mobility in all directions,

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the perfectly fresh blood of mammalia, especially in young animals.

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afi'ect this secretion ; thence these dropsies are not primary dis-

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endeavoured to determine how it got from the lacteals into

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" Sir, — Being informed that you have publicly complained

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exudate from the bronchioles. Examination was made by cultivation

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the cold very much, and is very drowsy ; has no whiskers ; no

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' A Methodical Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Physic, pp. 229-30,

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Filed in accordance with the recommendation of the Reference

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delayed for about two and a half seconds. Heat and cold were

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