percha tul)es were screwed into place, and a closely-
pression of the occipito-firontal muscle, corrugation of the eyebrows,
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intenser with the development of tlie wheal. What sim-
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give to you the above. It is not private matter ; it must be sent
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in a paper read before the County Medical Society of
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The regular meeting of the Toronto Clinical Society was held
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were passed, l>y a species of transfixion, ho as to com-
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,,.d I liii'lU' in nirn \\«< liad t;. .nr tr.-h into a^tn'ii.
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I do not wish to plead for or against the treatment
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thoroughly versed in such writing. If any one is for-
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three times greater than that which is normal, and the thickening may
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drinking only water that had been either boiled or filtered.
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advantage could accrue from having musical qualities
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and is also aware, that among possible events, a reader might
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between the napkin and the vulva. This pad can be frequently
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geese, donkeys, and other animals, when fed entirely on sugar,
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that Dr. Mussey, of La Porte, the other day, picked up a hundred dollars'
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terior parietal bone. The antero-posterior and transverse diameters
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in illustration, rather than otherwise, of the value of
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diphtheria was found to present small membranous patches on the
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transcend ideology. On the other hand, it is often unable to
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Dr. S. G. Dabney, of Louisville, delivered the address of welcome,
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souri, transferring him from Fort Lewis, CoL, to Camp
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that the disease is usually diagnosed only when it has
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vein, while the ova were discovered in the ureteral and vesical walls; Filaria
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wrought by mesmeric influence falls very short of that professed by him.
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persons less pain is produced by the cautery than by a blister.
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ful travesty upon surgery, as witness the histories

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