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the stomach. The anterior operation was preferred because of

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Medical Accountancy in all its Branches. Practices carefully investi-

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for' an indefinite period without doing them much good.

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1 J. F. Ssabanejew, Odessa : " Ueber die Aulegung einer rohrenfdrmigen Magenfistel bei

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to become attached to the bones with which it comes in contact,

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vasomotor disturbance, as is shown by an acute oedema beneath the mucous


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Medicine was held at 8 P. M., Friday, December 8th, 1905, at the Cleveland

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rance, or vices, of unskilful or unworthy physicians." Notes R. S., 2d ed., vol.

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was at one time lecturer on medicine in the medical

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mucous membrane, which is dissected up and brought over to

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variable in some of the animals, but altogether they consumed a fair

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ryngeal reflexes and consequent spasm of the glottis. He con-

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dr., weaker ammonia 4 oz.; digest till dissolved, and pour while

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suming that bacteria habitually or frequently enter the

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was "blind." The fontanelle was then distended and the sutures open.

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can get well, because your lungs are perfectly sound. There is no reason

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basal part of a stem is diminished or disappears when the mass of the

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should the ophthalmic surgeon limit his operation to pure senile cata-

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Professor of Comparative Zoology ; Professor Gegenbauer,

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phenazopyridine (pyridium) is an example of

no other explanation than that the unfortunate individuals had been

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Amelia and Caroline, were inoculated on April 17th, 1722. Both

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acid were injected directly into the abdominal cavity. Instant and marked rigidity

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500 South University, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 225-5430 (home)

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a marked symptom and may closely simulate that of typhoid fever,

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ages of HMO penetration and lower physician charges

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termined by Ilirschmann's galvanometer; internally, iodide of

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5th. Inflammation of the sheaths of the tendons, as in severe

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only. (2) Conveyance at the request of contributory com-

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which the limbs are attached are much larger than the

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on the left side and was absent in the other three. Forty-three

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