at any rate. The patient must be persuaded to submit

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follows : — " Position is the relation to the wp'per strait of the pelvis

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1790, the thermometer rose to 90 degrees, which is 2 or 3

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earnings would be sufficient for the maintenance of merely physical

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volution, may produce persistent spasm. A fall or blow on the head or

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different ages with the number of women living at the different

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and to convin<ie him that his master is also his superior and

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tific apparatus make possible the tests which are consid-

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amputation. On dissection, a small depot of purulent matter was discovered in the

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state of the uterus did not justify the medical inference that there had been

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report refers to quite a large number of these cases. In the first re-

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term child; had a miscarriage at four months, eigh-

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conclusive of anything, as yet, but they furnish an im-

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its trachea was opened by Mr. Berkley Hill, ^seen on the pharyngeal mucous membrane,

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and the foUowing gentlemen were admitted Members :—

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ulcer. The lesions yielded remarkably rapidly to X-rays, but recurred.

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various autliorities, has declared itself sporadically in

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terior portion of the tube. They are not alike in their size or

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on being raised ; and not to claim for the accompanying suggestion, a

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individual chemical substances on the corpuscles or other elements of

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for some months, for chronic catarrh of the bladder. Had an abscess in a labium

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sider that the prevailing diphtheria in their localities has been of

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tend only such institutions as shall rigidly adhere to the recommenda-

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Syringomyelia commences generally in the young. Its course is very

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cceliac neuralgia ; dull, heavy, aching pain deep down in

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ceased for three months previous to death. On examining the

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ihority, who seems almost to exhaust the materia medica in the treatment

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studied medicine in the old Toronto School of Medi-

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the presence of hydrochloric acid. By use of the elastic

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Andover Union. — 5Ir. Fredk. Eldrid^e has resif^ned the Third District ;

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the patient that liquor and his system are becoming antago-

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are reported, it is obvious that the radiologist has an excellent method

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" Tlilrd lieport Massacliuselts State Board of Health, 1878, p. 17.

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1908. Knipe, Jay C, M.D., Ophthalmologist to the Jewish Hos-

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ard of akaloidal strength, viz. : opium, nux vomica and

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that, being a small and constant output, therefore only a small

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separate degree in medical jurisprudence, as suggested by Dr.

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13. Seventh Annual Report of the Omagh District Hospital for

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only perilous to old people on account of the accompanying fever, it is

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