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ual red corpuscle deficient in haemoglobin. It would readily be

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countries nmst contribute. New York has never been satis-

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its action for a limited period, — yet any sudden

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occurred within 24 hours of immunization (observed 6, ex-

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is near but safely under the top of the scale, and centrifugalize a third

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cumulated in the blood vessels. Moreover, large doses

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but apart from the risk which such a procedure carries with it, of breaking

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These pains may be present iu a marked degree in all forms of obstruc-

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blastic tissue are found in the posterior part of the young

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cerebellum ; still more rarely in the pons Varolii ; and other parts, viz.,

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great pain in, and an almost intolerable sense of distention of,

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the large intestine has become so distended as to have become

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attack, with the appearance from time to time of exacerbating periods when

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by high fever and petechiae in the neck and contraindication. Morphine, oxygen, and

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They are one of the best antidotes to poisoning by corrosive

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as to the patient's chances of recovery, and the period which

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the neck. The latter condition interferes somewhat at

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ing the development of syphilitic disease of brain-

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t Address of the Rev. Audrcw Nichols to the Society for the Suppression of Intempe-

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on account of the extraordinary severity of the case,

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scess, from the walls of which he dug out the appen-

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1890, xi, 129; 181. Also [Abstr.] : J. Eussk. Obsh. okhran.

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of epithelial tissue of the gland. In some instances cysts of the pancreas

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Experimentale, Nov., 1901) by experimental means has

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plosion naturally drove the hand forward and outward with

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contain 14 per cent, while chocolate ice cream, which is enriched by at least

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times its normal size ; its cavity increases, particularly in the long diam-

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and adults earnestly entreat its frequent repetition. I have seen them

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Dr. Willmoth : This case is very interesting to me in as

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ous instances without secretion of either lymph or pus — the less amount

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the cold pack, or ice cradle" are mentioned in these eight words;

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and smooth — i. e., in that condition which does not yield to cauterization ;

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to the important contribution of I'losva {Bull. Societi

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Mineral Degeneration of the Exudations. — All the forms of exuda-

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sixth space to the fifth since the period of the decrease of the effusion following the first acme,

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