cannabis indica acts as an anodyne, and the salicylic
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toxicodendron, which he names toxicodendric acid. He is satisfied, by expe-
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was led to believe that it is of an inflammatory character ; that it commences with a
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restored. This, as it seems to me, is the true philosophy of
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trouble should be carefully studied and an accurate and
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the once famous " metallic tractors of Perkins " and odic force of
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Aion, on the other hand, as "life force" is the only way this word is
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the pains were actually alleviated for some time. The patient,
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the bladder and rectum are usually affected together and
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according to Symmers, Dinnerstein and Frost (Jour. Amer. Med.
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of fajces ; he was reduced to the lowest extremity of
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if too much time is devoted to it, and to the relation
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passing transversely across the pelvis, terminating, not in a fi.xed cul-de-
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are almost exclusively the Tsenia solium, Tsenia mediocanellata (saginata), and
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them may remove it; and Van Swieten observes, that extra-
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affected by the remedy. He gives to an adult seven and

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