light food as chicken, pigeon, sweet-bread, tripe, before reaching beef
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treatment of rheumatism. Allow me to ask one question. Will opium
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readers, but particularly sick travellers, to the facts and reasonings of
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140 or more in an adult, the issue is almost always unfavourable ; a
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probable that in very many cases irritation induces increased, even if
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coarsely granular, brown coloured collections of larger size. When the colonies are very
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Whol« number of deaths in Botiton, for the week ending Oct. 7, 43. Males, Sd—Femaies, SO.
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introduced into the system must be the essential cause of the malady.
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growth take place, powdered alum may be applied daily ; or a mixture
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caoutchouc, fecula, lignin, and an active emetic principle which he
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Offices whose forms are filled up by all sorts and conditions of
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havoc does the fashion of the day, with its photographs of the individual
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the raised cuticle, the small snip should be at the lowest side of the
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remedy for such evils, the progress of these all-important arts will be
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CoHNHEiM. Vo7-lesungen ii. allgem. Path. 1877. — 5. Shattock and Ballance. " Au
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ters of this System on Cerebro-spinal and Mental Diseases.
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1 I am indebtofl to Mr. Percy Richards, F.C.S., for making these examinations ; the
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Chapter 5. — Ox the Part played by the Nervous System
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stices of areolar tissue (K and H), and in bone marrow (Ehrlich) ; rare in
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hardly have expected from the shortness of the time. The cough in all

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