its general character and different cases. A number of different yarieties,

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disclose the tumor. The symptoms are those of a chronic obstruction

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are more distinctive than in any other thoracic disease.

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may be more or less absorbed, only a fibrous cord being left. Some-

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blance to white blood globules, and some larger nucleated ones. Scc-

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complications cause death. When compression occurs from tumors,

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dislocation is evident upon inspection. Like other dislocations of the

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nine, such as liepatic or splenic hyperoemia. When careful ]jercussion shows

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passages often contain fat. Jaundice is more frequent from implication

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boundary is nearly vertical, smooth and sharp, so that now and then at a

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Epiphyseal fracture is the same as transverse fracture, with the ex-

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roots, or interfere with the blood supply to the cord itself. This con-

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I. Catarrhal Inflammation of the III. Cancer of the Gall-Bladder.

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come in contact and the friction sound reappears, the heart sounds will be-

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