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of practical utility falls little short of the ideal, is excellently
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and Ear Infirmary in that city, and went to Europe to complete his
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spade sleep sweetly, and find a green old age. No painful study
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often an educated eye will recognize a clean perforation of
in collaboration with Dr. Austin 'Malley. This volume was meant as
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At the termination of the house service in Bellevue
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on the first instalment of the " Cyclopaedia of Drug Pathogen-
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sively to reach the stricture, but without success. On the next
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capacity. He was appointed chief of clinic and associate physician
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the United States Marine Hospital at Chelsea, remaining there about
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at all, by some tentative suggestion of palliatives ; and it be-
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He was also the out-door physician, visiting patients unable to come
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Injuries of the skull and brain occur very frequently.
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sulting Dermatologist, New York Board of Health. He was president
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had attained the maximum, and immediately after suspension of
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By his unceasing efforts, and his progressiveness and
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been made by our combined effort that resistance was overcome,
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New York : C. T. Hurlburt, 1884. Fourteenth edition, revised

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