"In the exanthemata, especially the congestive forms, scar-
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some small nerve is exposed on the surface of the ulcer.
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"Pulsatilla is a remedy of wide applicability, but more par-
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is there a generic for naprosyn
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piled by the dozen, but there 's no story of medicine
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fusion worse confounded reigned supreme. This state of
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between the layers of the pleurae, this sound appears with inspi-
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move the bowels. If the lamb does not do well and appears
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This disease sometimes causes the death of every sheep
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ance. Sometimes colicky pains accompanied by diarrhoea.
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bation, B cases ; fright, 4 cases ; over-work, 4 cases ; anxiety,
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The causes of abortion are divided by most writers into
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other wounds by M. A. Prechard, of Bristol. He says they check or
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breaking up adhesions that were formed everywhere anteri-
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out a helping hand ; and, again, who has not been struck
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ordinary progress of Erysipelas when it assumes a plain
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The gouty or sanguine arthritic diathesis is characterized by
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The naso-pharynx and nasal passages may be inspected by
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far, and advise the invalids to avoid swallowing the skins
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The manifestations of life in man are from a highly devel-
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and pneumonina. In the latter disease, however, if both lungs be-
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blood thus thrown up marks hemoptysis from the lungs as distin-
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absence of pain. The nursing sore mouth and ulceration of the
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prepuce, and the facility with which effusion takes place
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jerks, very superficial, and attended with some degree of thrill
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from disease of the brain? or from a lesion of the sympathetic
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Silica is a remedy of value in gouty rheumatic affections.
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progresses to complete restoration. These results are so com-
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the influence of the vascular nerves have contracted, cutting off
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lishers, who have remembered us in the distribution of their
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4. Picric acid in powder precipitates albumin, a reaction not
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of the stomach may become impaired from disuse, the artificial
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the legs warm in all seasons, as this will relieve the lungs
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is double or even treble that of the organ in the fatal case
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August 27th. The quantity of urine passed is not sen-
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Eastern Dispensary, 57 Essex Street, corner of Grand 25,880
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expends its force in elevating the costal borders and widening the
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Pathological Report (Dr. Tytler). The spleen is of about normal shape,
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drop — are most effective. Professor Webster suggests its trial

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