sometimes heard in horses and cattle. It may be aptly repre

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exophthalmic goitre lasts long enough a myxoedematoid state follows.

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of F. in a closed apparatus indeed they were destroyed by that

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continued over a long period are followed by hyper

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order there can l gt e little doubt that the affection

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Canterbury. At a meeting of the Town Council held on February

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and to leave yourself a reasonable margin for uncertainties.

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ments after abortion or pelvic inflammations. Any cause tending to pro

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with only slight remissions. The number of relapses varies

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nearly four hundred cases confirmed the correctness

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than three quarters of a minute and what is most remarkable about the

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comfortably accommodated. In the address the learned Pro

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servation for at least three months. He maintained that

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A good accoimt of the malady with references to the literature

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Richard Bright is celebrated throughout the medical world in

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cases of palpitation when such symptoms occurred in the

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starvation cured all the sufferers who survived such com

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The medical staflF at Kezaulik exhibited examples of the worst

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absolutely cured in less than a week by means of the

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on the anterior border of the genioglossus muscle. But all these theo

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plicated aortitis as diagnosed at necropsy among syphilitics on whom

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to be mistaken for it and must then ascertain whether

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At the same time an increased sensitiveness of certain nerve

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torpor a vilia of experimental students and there is beyond question

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incision the bloodvessels being ligatured or twisted according to their

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at the external angle omitting the last stitch to provide drain

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which are these pregnant words outlining the objects

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