sighing and shallow respiration delirium collapse and coma.

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two or three grains are given with an equal quantity of tartar

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lytic accidents occurring in the aged. These consist lt A

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subvariety of the second class. Although they may react to the

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convoluted in a most irregular manner throughout the body

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The Medical Council will commence its eleventh annual ses

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but the pigmentation and atrophy are permanent. Xeroderma

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the formation of hemispherical papules or nodules which soon become

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behind. The condition was a little bit different during the year

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tions are not well maintained. Tonics support strength as well as caase

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patients in hysterical dream states show almost all of the characteristics

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this condition of the valves is probably produced in a much shorter

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space could be utilized as the subject is practically inexhaustible but

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use his oft repeated but very exceptionable expression it transfers

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and resting on a substratum of limestone clay or mud by

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six weeks and the weight increased by. pounds. The spleen was not

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anginous heart retains a fair amount of reserve power and the

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invariably held for this first stage of activity. Both the intake

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taining fifteen or twenty patients and completely separated from

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every time the cough troubled her which was very often her

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of a transmitted radioactivity proving useful in the

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head away or inclination much lateral movement of eyes twisting of

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Tumigations by the nitrous acid gas separated from i lverized nitjre

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tying a hog s bladder over its mouth. The animal s brain was

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Fischel and Copi en Jones have observed them in the sputa.

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The above form is serviceable in cases where quinine

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the expectation of removing the cartilaginous knobs in

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under moderate pressure allowed a good deal of water to enter

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action and furnish to local authorities the most ap

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md artery avoiding the nerves lying behind the latter.

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croscope in the plastic choroiditis which presents itself

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vention of malpractice. This program includes the estab

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deficit of which the Lord Mayor said was a disgrace to the City.

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The term myringitis is applied to inflammation of the membrana and tym

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I may state in conclusion that parturient apoplexy is a recurring

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conjunctivae were slightly injected there were livid spots on his

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thorities who shall be answerable for the attendance of students. He

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work of the hospital in that particular line. Where an exper

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