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licenses to practice to eighty-nine out of ninety-eight applicants
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(P.) On M-ouu(ls of the ciliary region and their treatment.
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olanzapine cause high blood pressure
reluctantly, to allow the patient to return to the country in a few
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sionally been observed as the result of injuries or diseased conditions,
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when they came under his observation, and since they were in fairly good
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to leave nothing behind. The next one on not regarded and ovariotomy was perform-
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refused to stand for a large metropolitan borough, and will prob-
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is deeply sensible of the low estimate placed upon veterinary medicine and
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it." From these local sites, or primary lesions, such as the throat
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P.B.C.P. Second Edition, Uiorongbly rerlsed. With nnmeroos Hlnstratlons. Demy 8to. 12<. <d.
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tion of the nose and throat, and by the presence of rales in so
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Small Imtable Ulcers icith Varicose Veins. — Fill the small
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matron, nurses, and servants. There are also the waitings
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justified in assuming that he acquired, his medical and
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Room to grow — Later, should you desire to expand your Maxicon
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occur ; for if there were an unusual distribution of
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vices rendered by podiatrists where such services are
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address. The name, of course, will not be published if
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nearly fifty before I was bald. I have a brother much younger
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work, for not infrequently he will find that he can gain more from the
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the closing jaws. In severe attacks deglutition is much interfered with.
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ness and hemorrhage from the ear. Glycosuria was observed in 20 of the
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was at once ajjplied. The result is that we have pre-
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eral breast tumour recurrence after lumpectomy. Lancet
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Specialties sponsoring scientific programs during the
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produce an acute exacerabation of the disease or, if the pathology
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this, not by any means the necessary result of a want of means to

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