thetic manner in which he had habitually carried out his duties ; this had

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the weak condition of the heart ether was chosen in

clozapine clozaril side effects

Apiil 19t,h; KoBEttT Mc VOR, SUfl" sur^eon, to the B'lr/tam, May 2nd;

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typhus fever has prevailed extensively among tramps in

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lakh of rupees — which had been in progress for more than a

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and throat, and caused him much pain in the stomach. A medical

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clozaril registry

I think cholecystectomy for cancer can very seldom be

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womb »vhile tlie woman was in the agonies of dysmcuorrha^a, and we

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year at Heidelberg on August 6th and the three following

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pulsation and of venous pulsation were shown. A method

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clozapine dosage for schizophrenia

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clozapine (clozaril) contraindications

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desirable by the Council. The Committee appeared to have

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were found, to malte a second incision, and put in two tubes,

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a case of acute glanders, in whicli the usual nasal discharge

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RiCHET (A.). Clinique Chirurgicale. Pp. 66ii. 1893.

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sac was stitched to the edges of the lower part of the ab-

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it is hoped that sufficient funds will be forthcoming to enable

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Report. Vol. III. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins

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medical officer of health was to take private practice.

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ally less than 24 hours, frequently more than the longer limit

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3. C. T., aged 23. Confined April 28th ; attended by the same

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Kcopic and post-rliinoscopic mirrors, a set of aural specula, a

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thetic manner in which he had habitually carried out his duties ; this had

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officers, in embroidery. Badge on pouch and sabretache : that recently

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The shortness of the abstract of our paper with which you

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sufficiently shown that the enormous penetrative force

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authorities, and they profess to be able to find all the

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in intrauterine gestation ; also tliat in extrauterine gestation

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„ 10. Surgical and topographical anatomy. By W. H. A. Jaedb-

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was performed so long ago as 1618, although to Petit is usually

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letter from this Institute proves conclusively that there has

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vaccination came into use, namely, Sweden. If Englishmen

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Sq-and so, followed lower down by Staff-faplain So and so, R N while

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troops, to the extension of the Warrant of 1879 to India in

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maintained among those primarily vaccinated, the deaths in

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inflamed, and the pupil contracted. On the 9th the eye was

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L.RC P, St. Bartholomew's Hospital; H G. Mcillum. College of

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Volunteer Medical Staft' Coi-ps came direct from the Metropolitan Asy-

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