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be adopted the country would soon be overrun with unedu

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these two sets of factors in my earliest investigations on tumor

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where there is none a small quantity of the syrup of white

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children is Jamaica ginger one part paregoric one part and hot

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when B is constant is shown to be inconsistent with our formula.

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are frequent and occasionally the waking numbness and the acroparaes

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Low temperatures are rarely called for with this procedure.

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partly of specific and partly of non specific origin..

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structure possessing certain average characteristics of form size and

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of the parts concerned in respiration but he adds that spas

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results derived from the treatment of these cases indicate

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in his memorandum on the budget of expresses himself thus.

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ciated this time with pain in the tongue and a dis

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rabbits by inoculation with gray tubercles and in two

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asked. On the eighth day she suddenly became unconscious. Her

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of the London physicians. The Lex Talionis says For

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by sound general health quite good confirmed diagnosis of

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with the Pulmonary Artery Jaundice and Nutmeg Liver.

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paralysis are by far the most valuable criteria of the presence of coexistent

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had noticed in recent years occasional cases in medical journals

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suggested that they be considered hemolytic strains of B. influenzae.

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tution and least of all the difference of habits of life. A weakly

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the same new growth. Those who like myself believed throughout

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into consideration that in the latter case great depression is present and

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Plan see Diagram. The inch timber is used as uprights sunk feet in

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ready described. It is probable that the gelatinous mass

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eight out of every hundred around us who die actually

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itself and it is quite admissible that the father of medi

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as to the exact percentages of deaths according to the date of beginning

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the Postoffice at Phoenix Arizona as second class matter

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seem to rhinlv that just as the pneumococcus may exist Id

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ment recommended for keratitis. Infecting and penetrating

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