should be subjected to a process having the same effect as mace-

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of the vertebral column, with partial destruction of the middle dorsal

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to cold, and incapable of any but the gentlest exercise. Her diges-

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The authors are grateful for the comments of Lawrence Scahill,

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and this equally stops the sound. Try different degrees of

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fited include cases of this kind. Retinitis albuminurica is also

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of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, XLV. 105

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the reasons for them, thus leaving the reader cognizant

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the brain and the pouring out of an amount of blood varying with

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leg amputated until he was almost moribund from septi-

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with iodine or any other irritant, having once or twice seen a good deal of in-

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others it may prove highly injurious. The judgment and

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substance microscopically, numerous cells loaded with oil-

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cant ? " The City Hospital, like the City Hospital for the Insane, was

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Vitus' dance, was a convulsive affection unattended with pain. Trousseau

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set. 4 was admitted into the Manchester Infirmary in February 1791, on ac-

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uterine contractions there was complete inertia and

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was 1545 and 11,893 in the stools. A case of carcinoma of the

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tical medicine. He had paid special attention to the treatment of

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beautiful cures, thirteen deaths were reported to us

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15% discount.... On the way to the hospital, the boy’s

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such as walking, swimming, standing, to a certain extent eating,

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anesthetic action on the nerve-centers creates the im-

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upon conjunctiva.] "WiadomoAci lek., Lw6w, 1886, i, 161-

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Society for Crippled Children and Adults. Chairman of

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7.— This pulsating tumor proved at the operation to

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(p.) On viewing one of tiie non-projecting nodules with an objective mag-

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istry. Their immense importance to clinical medicine

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together unsatisfactory : the case is called a con-

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eloquence, and with some skill of fence ; he declared that he

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of any gravity, however, since, as well as the woman of whom I have

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is the underlying principle of parasitropism, and upon this depends

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regarded as antispasmodic. The leaves are aromatic, tonic,

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the bosom of his family. To a very limited degree this

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cutaneous tuberculosis as different phases of the same

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tific and accurate statistical investigation, nor in conform-

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