Case 530. Age 44, male. Recovered in 8 days. Slight delirium, continued headache, con-
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glands were indurated and those in which they were not.
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abated. He was again bled to the amount of four ounces. The
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existence. He was one of the original Fellows of this Association, hav-
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Thenard, that it was defective, inasmuch as the composition of
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arteries are bounding, the breathing may be labored and stertorous, the pupil-
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most part, in the struggle for existence, those who live
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to us turn out, there should be but slight or moderate haemorrhage, the
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lances with the French troops to China, and has con-
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25. Mann, M. D. — Solid Tumors of Both Ovaries with a Fibroid-polyp of the Uterus.
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When the sensitive areas appear to be circumscribed
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commence their labors at the beginning of the session, is highly commendable.
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have a direct and large communication with veins, small artmes
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same treatment, with the addition of potassium iodide and sodium sali-
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tally bifid bladder, 71; discharged in fragments. Dr.
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deemed necessary to dwell longer on septo-pyaemia under this division of
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scientific as well as of practical interest in -59 the average number of deaths will be
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feeble, yet I dared not hurry the circulation or exalt the temperature,
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scopically normal. Similar hsemorrhages were present on the
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the patient's urine contained some substance which combined with the diacetie
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able or ectopic. In Tricomi 's work we find that in cases of chronic
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fibrous tissue, 'lliis extends over all the wall of the
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tion of the term ; for a fetish, as defined in the classi-
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age of lymphocytes than normal individuals in the temperate zone."
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cept to relieve the symptoms. Later, electrical, me-
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thinking it of but little importance, or as little likely to impair
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somewhat at length in Judge Williams' Court, and the findings of the
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and the one preceding it had been by forceps, the tumor having been recog-
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to disappear, or at least to improve, if t hey are not too inveterate and if I he
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me a little strange that, as you go from the North to
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shock, worry, deprivation, etc., may produce in the endometrium nutri-
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that the weight of this evidence was at least equal to
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The treatment of gastrorrhagia has been already referred to in connec-
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Surgeon Clement Cuthbert Walker, Kent Artillery MUitia, by
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'-■" "'"""^ •"■-" I'-'a rn..'.„M. .a.l,„u,l, „. l,.Ki r.-o,.c-r> u, ,„„
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' Xm.— Sudor Anglicus— Suette Miliare— Sweating Sickness— Friesel Fieber, . 688
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toriuras, and clinical investigations conducted on the largest
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the present day. The author showed in what it differed
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seem to dilute the water somewhat.) A long list of remedies
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character, while possessed by the germ-cells, does not show itself in the individual
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in-chief in India said that " it had been conclusively
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