Latrines. — Short shallow trench latrines are provided on the ground at the

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homes — prevent them from regaining, in any other way, I

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In perusing the foregoing papers, the reader will perceive,

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Calumet, Fonddu Lac, Green Lake, Outagamie, Waupaca,

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necessarily be the first consideration, if the patient is I

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frequency and feebleness of the pulse, muscular prostration, etc., the measures

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as easily to escape detection, and therefore any facts or experience

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advocate of routine Podalic Version, but this form of delivery has a

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years his ability in otology, in physiological physics, in medical and me-

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have volunteered to undergo the experiment in hospital, and the result has

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these observations in relation to aortic aneurism is evident in connec-

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about this question ; the error, namely, of forgetting that lymph,

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ishing food that they can possibly digest What is the result of this ? At the end of

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consciously misled by the accidental diffusion of this liquid by persons going

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this view. Moreover it is impossible to explain the acquired cases

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Rasori : Quoted by Calandruccio, Agostino Bassi da Lodi il fondatore della

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lum, at the base or at the convexity. The ^ brilUant diagnoses,"

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dermal nitroglycerin use. 7 Attenuation of the beneficial

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frequency is exaggerated somewhat by Laennec, who errs also, I think,

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