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by the organ in the elaboration of urea and its congener, uric acid,

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The study of diseases of the muscles is a subject that belongs at

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pain increases if the patient moves the jaw, for the glands swell

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dose of Epsom salts should be given, and hot applications and stimu-

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fused feelings, drowsiness, irritability, a peculiar restlessness, a feel-

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nutritive disturbances present the compensatory hypertrophy no

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In endocarditis it is very questionable if local measures ever do

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a. The Period of Strict Diet. — This differs from the similar course

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decomposed albumin. It was necessary, therefore, to furnish the

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would be obviously overlooking an important part of

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passed or removed from the bladder. These have usually been gallstones

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developed as an early symptom of ursemia, the sluggish response of the

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so strikingly manifested in arthritis deformans, is not by any means

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and-fiesh diet to the exclusion of carbohydrates is to be regarded as

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ment as malarial fever or fevers in general. Remedies which act

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sea, vomiting, fever, twitchings and finally convulsions. The pupils

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the fibrous structure. At the centre of its free border is an elevated

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Physics at the Royal University of Wiirzburg. He had only a local reputation before the

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longer sufiices. Thus the heart becomes gradually less able to re-

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Under the conditions named — insufficient bodily activity and ex-

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The Interior of the Eye. — In the interior of the eye are the

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physical evidence of its existence, and is quickly absorbed when the

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which at first the power to burn- up sugar in the organism is alone

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and fatty degeneration of the muscular tissue of the organ. Such

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glycosuria is moderately severe, the milk cure may advantageouslj^

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hair dyes and fabrics colored by the arsenical pigments.

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due to imperfect oxidation of nitrogenous alimentary substances in

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Various organic constituents of urine, such as kreatinin and the pigments,

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should be taken on salad (lettuce, chicory, cress, cucumber, tomato,

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for a few days and substitute peptonized beef, or some other nutritious

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