anterior border, is very suggestive of miliary tuberculosis. The pulse may
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traction of the heart and not with the respiratory act. It is
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rhage and perforation may occur. The back may show signs of irritation
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it may become contaminated by an admixture of blood or
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Townsend and Coolidge 7 per cent., Wunderlich 50 per cent., Hawkins 20
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results, and a portion of one of our sessions devoted to demon-
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blood to the head, and a linen sheet, wet in water, of from
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and the presence of Koplik's spots should prevent the occurrence of this
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cidium stegomyioe, and suggested that it might be the etiological agent of the
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Medical Department of the Equitable Society in the four
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rheumatism is most remarkable, and this is true both of the adult and the
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out. Inspired by an intense feeling of patriotism, he offered
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Great prominence has been given to muscular activity.
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any knowledge of amounts and exposures, I am convinced
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mation is often evident if death occurs in the later stages. The only constant
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should be placed and changed as soon as it becomes wet, the wick being
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corpuscles than could be at once transformed into urea, and
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loss or modification of virulence is furnished by the virus of smallpox which
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and the crowding of large numbers into filthy quarters.
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eucalyptus, turpentine and terebene. Of course, such remedies are not to be
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business and are obliged to seek other employment. The
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but, as a rule, there are no subjective symptoms. The erythematous eruption
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Among the cases collected by the writers, splenic enlargement occurred
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vessels in neighboring parts, which lasts for several hours
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covered, the leading physician already appointed an ex-
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heart and respiration. It supplies requisite oxygen, relieves "air hunger,"
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Another form is that in which the patient, in apparent health, is suddenly
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that cause infectious diseases is the sick man or animal from which the
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vidual reaction to toxaemia, in extent of lung tissue involved, the motor rest-
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his crisis, showed a marked lessening of dicrotism in the radial artery and
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pleurisy is difficult, for though its existence may be suspected it is not until
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amination of 297 cases of all ages; in 32% no albumin nor
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The number varies from year to year and also in different localities. We can
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used they may sometimes be seen much earlier. These spots cannot be seen
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of metabolism, and Rem Picci, in 1902, states that all the

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