in the nerve itself or in the muscles have not been observed.
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as cold in the form of the ice-water bag or Leiter's coil, preceded,
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other extreme, of a very low tension that induces dropsy ; and compli-
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eases as simple as chickenpox, under certain circumstances, can
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cisively for sugar. Again, since urine of high color, heavy density,
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The breath is foul, the tongue, lips, and gums are red, swollen, and pain-
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and may move with respiration, or bo movable by palpation. ' Omental
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on the temples, behind the ears, or at the occiput, or by leeches. Inter-
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immoderate smoking, particularly by the cigaret-habit, and by the use
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ticular, the intercostal spaces are practically absent on account of the
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companied by a croupous exudate ; it occurs in connection with widely
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400 c.c), a large piece of beefsteak (150-200 gm.), and some potatoes

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