with formation of cavities, but not all such cases, and the reason why

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termed the etiological pha.se of lack of efficiency,

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to suit, if possible, the consultant, the attending phy-

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mentally, emotionally and physically as they should on account of the

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Dr. Atles is on the scissors plan, but reversed, for when the handles

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presence of serous fluid within the membranes of the brain,

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poll was £12, 6s. sterling. His wife, Marie Irvine, and her son

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Wood, in his treatise on diseases of the ear, narrates some striking cases

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it makes the two tables coincide exactly. Therefore we may

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111., on this agent as a local anaesthetic, reads as follows:

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A. An ultrasound unit belonging to the NICHD, previously housed in the

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the dispensaries or out-door departments of the hospitals

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this fail, the virus may be introduc*ed a third time. Somi.* persons are in-

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can transfer a pationt whose case recpiires careful explanation.

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right and anterior wall of the rectum, in the majority of cases, and is known

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intensely inflamed, and covered with grayish lymph gluing

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tion, so that by greater fluidity and dilution it may be made less

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stage should be a transition between the first and the second stages.

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tensity, as well as in the time of their appearance.

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