greater the velocity, the more in general is the type one of

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elapsed since this building was put up. The Board of Trustees,

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blood, it will be long in yielding, and longer still in perishing,

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Treatment. — The treatment comprises two indications :

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T OUIS HAUPT, M.D., general practitioner of medicine, of all-

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giene, and personal care of themselves and their surroundings,

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inhaled, or taken into the stomach, of animals, he proceeded in a

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fessor of Neurology at the recently founded Medical School of Ford-

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Fancourt Barnes, M.D. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co.,

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1903, Florence Thistle of Brooklyn, and they have two children,

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of the founders of the Albany County Homoeopathic Medical Society, having united

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the field is broad before him for usefulness and good

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Whereas it is befitting that this body should take suitable action to attest the

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thy is, in short, leavening the whole lump of the profession, and

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the City Club of Yonkers. He and his family are members of the

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necessary instruments. Drs. Talbot and Ahlborn were called in

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capable of healthy normal thought and action. He has opened

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have increased the damage, and have given rise in some

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In 1866 comparisons were made in Liverpool, where the mor-

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the University of Virginia, where he attended his first

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ing physician to Bellevue Hospital in the fifties, and was president

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it is an important one. When the serrated incisors are seen in

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wound. The surgeon should never forget to make this examination.

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brane, with discharge of a thick yellowish mucus, or expulsion of

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elementary school class," embraces a deal of physiological knowl-

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It does not cease here in applying rules of precaution ; for

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killed or destroyed by acids, while in alkaline fluids they find

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the rectal fold, which is brought forward, as these form the bul-

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Society of Medical Jurisprudence, and of the Physicians' Mutual Aid

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pany. William Howard Barber attended public school No. 16, and the

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Pennsylvania, from which he graduated A.B. in 1849 and A.M. in

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