to the clinic. If the patient did not visit the clinic

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the New York School of Medical teachers, he relies chiefly upon

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style is direct, positive, and authoritative. The edition

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than was needftil ; and occasionally, when the length seemed perfect,

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seems to suit the circumstances of a general clinical hos-

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anemia ; the sclera is never icteric, nor is the urine

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iojui'ed it, in falling from the litter tjie night before, and believed

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the newly formed scrotum, where a short drainage tube was

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With the larger animals, such as horses and cattle,

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slight daily rise of temperature continued and gen-

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training before they are able to functionate properly.

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fection from the tonsils to other parts of the body

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tivity as efficient a method of investigating the per-

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combined oxalic acid, and even of free oxalic acid, for this latter

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an adult horse once daily for three or four days. A

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Splints are also made of leather, tin and stiff felt ;

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to the top and there breaks and discharges. In many

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ciated with some acute disease, such as distemper or

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of lean meat should be taken from the deeper muscles

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who did more to extend our acquaintance with the subject than any

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In health, the pulse feels full, round and regular,

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pulse was rapidly growing weaker ; diarrhea had sel

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time of life, no hope was entertained of obtaining an osseous union.

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irrational to give a vaccine in acute sepsis, but he had seen

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uterus of a woman, who was naturally very feeble, whose pregnancy

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to 39° C. ; the affection ran the usual course of in-

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