If there was any truth in these published statistics, it would

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drinkers. The bitters in general, with or without the mineral acids,

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It occasions nausea and vomiting, in large doses ; but in suita-

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VV'hile on the way he was seized with a violent chill, and

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tinues, whatever may be the improvement of other symptoms,

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between the iliac crests. The area occupied by the stomach also

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tion. T. lewisi has almost homogeneous contents, but T. brucei

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this point is limited, but, so far as it goes, in favour of the view

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more o$ less in the form of small, soft masses, resembling Malpighian bodies,

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quantity of pus, and I don't suppose we used the I shows that the second stage of spontaneous evolu-

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the diseased parts, and, just before the trial, he told one of the

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tation of the aorta. 1 happen to have under observation

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to a large extent replaced it in the manufacture of rubber clothes espe-

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fi6vr« tvphoide; rfiaolution. In Ins: Lecons dc clin. chir.

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The vaginal cavity was now irrigated, thoroughly rubbed with iodoform, and packed

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