cholelithotripsy, as suggested by Lawson Tait, is indicated.

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sidered. Thomas Jones,^ in his work on diseases of the bones, does not

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their labors on this subject at the Congress of Otology and Laryngology,

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of radiographic failures is not accurately known — one authority

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sionally insisted upon going out on pass and always returned with evi-

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The author does not consider it at all proven that the streptococcus pro-

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congestion. Any derangement of the liver, whether organic or

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way. Experiment has seemed to show that ether, when inhaled,

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account of the adenoid and connective tissue of the lungs being the seat

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erythema. His father has been a great sufferer from rheumatism

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these, 21 were " benefited considerably," 6 remained stationary, and 5

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satisfactory" bimanual examination can be made with the patient lying

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