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3. With Marked Gastro-intestinal Symptoms.— Tonsillitis has been

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There is very little said in the insurance manuals on

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writer has reported 8 cases^ from the ^Massachusetts General Hospital in

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doubtful cases, or largely used in preference to the better

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view were not correct, yet, as we have learned recently, to some extent their

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there are indefinite signs in the lungs. The possibility of the two diseases

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not infrequently found in normal urine. " Hwass found with

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malarial fever. This paper should be read by every student of the disease,

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in the substance of the liver. Stained sections show varying degrees

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Prophylactic Treatment. — Acute rheumatism must be prevented as far as

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a rule, prevent error or at any rate a needless exploration. Too much

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If the above conditions have been met, the medical ex-

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of no prognostic value and needs other factors in order that

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free flowing puncture in the ear or finger tip the blood is drawn by capillary

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kidney disease. These percentages increase with advancing

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from other diseases. While infection may have been carried by the troops in

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its cause, prognosis or the time or age of its appearance.

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breaks. Closely allied to epidemic occurrence is the possibility of spread by

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practically one finds cases of pleural effusion in which vocal fremitus, vocal

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tegration of the bacterial bodies in the tissues, then increasing resistance to

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6. "I have purposely refrained from attaching a name to the disease in

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an exceptional experience of such injuries, prepared

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ing features. The enanthem in these cases is of particular diagnostic value.

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of fever with the eruption, or it is slight. In most cases there is intense

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charge, but none were found. Ciliary paralysis in both eyes later developed

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commercial interests have been paralyzed, and cities, towns, and districts,

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slight and the da-nger of wounding large bloodvessels very great. In adults

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was essentially different from inflammatory infiltration, which had not

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changes in the blood, the objective symptoms of anemia are

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fever and then clear entirely so that in convalescence the lung is perfectly clear.

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sequel. In other cases there is considerable tenderness which is rather ill-

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