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Ammonium. — June 4th. No odour ; sinks. — 6th and

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from the medical school at Cincinnati, Ohio. He practiced medicine for many

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tiation. In this short paper I will not attempt to go very fully into the

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of Isis. The Greeks, however, whose art, resulting from their

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human pathology is concerned, since it is certain that in man the cord is very

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lysis: for in these diseases, we have similar lesions, without tetanic spasms. And in

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a serious difficulty. I shall have you sign a contract of that

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places is thickened, which enables it to break the force of con-

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Diseases of the eye being treated in a special department, only injuries treated

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abuse which did not even cease with symptoms of poisoning ! Even

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Raynaud's disease shows some curious alliances. For

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the utmost care and patience, I could not get this symptom. Prof.

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been my fortune to have four cases of burs in the larynx.

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bination of essence of pepsin, plain or phenolated,

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cdlation, and of chronic gastric catarrh, during childhood. On the

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the

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evidence alone; the fact that nephritis appears during the course of an

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Next as to the method of suicide. We find that hang-

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[Sepr. from : J. ofKciel.] J. ISoc. do statist, de Par., 1897,

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the beginning the thigh had been enlarged by infiltration

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upon the two sides are very slight. In comparing the results with

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upon the lower extremities, is the important element. It is less dif-

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suffered from any chest affection, nor indeed from any disease

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which will indicate Approximately the part.s per thousand. Not less tluia|

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fluid, still further elaborated in numerous ways, that the

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public water-supply as compared with wells, is that in

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fatigue is accelerated Conversely, when we note the

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into the right shoulder ; a few minutes after the onset of pain

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also insist on a fact, too often overlooked, that, whilst

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puts all theory, or pathology, to defiance — this is, the almost

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Syphilis and Its Relations to Blastomycetlc Dermatitis. Henry

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half ago, while she was suffering for a considerable time from

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xenon, and each gas had a different effect upon several

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