In some cases, when a relaxed membrane is combined with a free
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taking hold of the knees. There were large red sores
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evident that he would sink if not relieved. Accordingly I
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of heat. The amount of potential energy to be supplied in the
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physician. It has become fully apparent, aside from the
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phia, so that any slight irritation brought on divers hysterical symptoms. In this
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In a considerable percentage of cases where the attempt has been made to
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are all that is necessary for general practice, producing the ordinary results in
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was of a different character, is doubtful ; but it may
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Many a young man, by a neglect of this branch of his profession, has
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the Provost, Dr George Chalmers, James Abercrombie, Lord Pit-
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chair were not really killed by the electricity, but sub
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surgeon whose name I do not know. So that five out of 78 were partial — 7:5
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there has often been a period during which it has been some-
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noon one-quarter of the time -w ithout them, then one-half, and
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and his broad-minded efforts are telling in the way that his talents
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smaller- sized gum-elastic catheter was then, with some difficulty,
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contractions on the transversely lying foetus varies,
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perforation had taken place, which was the immediate cause of the
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generally sufficient to operate for the restoration of the soft palate and the
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fessional secret. Fifth, all advertising of medical busmess
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respiratory efforts tire the patient and his breathing becomes very superficial.
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vomiting, diarrhea, colic, and great prostration. Many were jaundiced
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did he employ a fluid such as is now considered the only

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