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and it is possible that with cats also absorption is largely inhibited after

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Unconscious pregnancy. — It is quite possible that women who are living in

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ten minutes, without causing any irritation of the throat

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months she has had some neuralgia on the left side of the face and

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or adenosarcomata, the total extirpation of the uterus through the vagina

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branches of the oculo-motor nerve, and corresponding, therefore, to one of the muscles

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in the interior of the body have then to do all this ad-

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cutaneous injections he has tried the sublimate, bicyanide and

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portion of the gastrocnemius muscle to a corresponding

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Many of our readers will recollect the full account given in Vol. XI. of

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tion and/or discontinuation ot the diuretic and/or VASOTEC may be required.

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is very little doubt that in very localised peritonitis

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that recurrences took place in periods from six months to three

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received the test dose of the body-strain. Before the immunisation this

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rologic syndrome abated dramatically. In a review of previ-

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navigable streams. The large boats plying our Great Lakes may dis-

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manganate, in strength equal to or slightly over that indicated in the treatment

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stated that thirty consecutive cases of fracture of the neck of the thigh bone,

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2 Klebs, Handb. d. patliolog. Anatomie, Bd. 1, p. 370. Berlin, 1869.

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seen, little good could accrue from consultation of Practi-

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by cultivating the bacilli several times in succession in the

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in the examination for hypernephroma apply in cases of sarcoma, and

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Ave. mortahty of corresponding weeks for ten j"ears, 1853 — 1863,

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out and sent to Buenos Aires or some other place to be made into

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University of Wurtzberg, 1879; and for reinstatement in membership, Dr.

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form makes an excellent application for snake bites and other

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very sparingly given. He says: "I allow only so much to be mixed with

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less, I may be allowed to mention in passing that I have

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of health. It was so called, and to some extent, likely

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causes. It has been classed among malignant growths

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ber hearing when I was a boy that " rum was a drunkard's

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