asepsis, partly on a septic condition of the wound, bringing about
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and brochures issued from his pen being as follows: " Management
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Surgery, April, 1893) ; "Notes of a Case of Cancer of the Uterus;"
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its members, and in some cases, with journalistic enterprise,
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Medical Rhymes. Selected and compiled by Hugo Erichsen, M.D. St. Louis,
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charge of small people the gospel of intelligent ministry to their
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treating most cases of rickets is to improve the general nutrition. It is often
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literature of January, February, and March ; after which it will
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special organs and systems in the human body. It follows as a
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He taught anatomy in several New England schools during the first
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in editing AiAr'j jf/anwrt/. in 1872 he started the New
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operation he speaks quietly but bric6y to his assistants^
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Hence we can think and conceive of a primordial nerve-
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specially profuse when the projectile has penetrated the
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and during this post-graduate work attended clinics in London, Edin-
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nearly four weeks, when she had partially recovered, it was
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geon of the institution, this being the first time that rank
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and the application of modern dressings, have not only
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be used as shrapnel with time fuse, causing deflagration of
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should be discountetianced, so far as practicable ; and prolonged
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is usually continued until the fluid coming away is clear. The
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Midwife Problem in the State of New York." "Choice of Method for
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times follow it, arthrites and myalgias, muscular pains, like lum-
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the imaginative and poetic temperament which, controlled
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October 8, 1846, son of Rev. Norman and Jane (Freeman) Fox.
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perfectly sound eyes of a child six days old with lochial secre-
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sonal knowledge of two instances where experienced surgeons
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appear must have been to what is called homoeopathy, neverthe-
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hypocrisy, calling forth from a well known writer this eulogy : ' ' He
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The joints of the trunk sometimes participate in the disease, but hardly ever
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symptoms was experienced, with renewal of health and spirits.
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If we examine the painful places we find a marked tenderness upon pressure
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is that he was the great-grandson of King Malcolm II.,
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of these attacks came on during a public recital upon a new
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in Infants and Children" (New York Medical Journal, 1893) ; "Eti-

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