ately lieat (luieker; hut if we locally heat the tip of the veiiti'iele, ii

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^al■vil|.' p.-n-.Mila.,'.-s ..f hy.ln..-hln.i.- a.-i.l. With an a.-..litv ..t tV-. V^'V

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Eanic cavity or into the membrana tympani may cause deafness; and retinal

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be found singly or in groups. They are sometimes supposed to be embry-

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with pain, spasm of the glottis, dyspnoea, and cough.

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foot in the tarsal region did not seem to be particularly enlarged. The

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vascular changes in the brain of the same character as those which occur

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such as Nebenschilddriisen (Hofmeister, 1892), accessorische Schilddriisen

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Sweden, England, and in the United States. It appears to be more common

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is a constant feature of the cortical cells of the adrenal, but is never seen

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45. Syphilis. — The results of investigation of the A ctuarial Society of A merica

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the kidneys are studied in the dead-house. Secondary contracted kidney

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every feature of Raynaud's disease; indeed, we may say that thb remarkable

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diffuse or patchy pigmentation like that in atypical cases of Addison's

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iiilra\i'iiti inilar ini'sMiri' i si'.' p.i'ji' l.'rj^. 'I'lit'i'i' is nn ilmilit that l!

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mil Ili lie ami lepra I t In- ^I i m ll l,il i. I niii- \a'_'l|s, ihi' iiiiiseles mi hnth siii.

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child with hereditary lues after exposure to cold had attacks of cyanosis of

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7.6 cm.,, the normal, to 4.6 cm. or even less, explains, according to Virchow,

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doubtful cases, especially when the urine is acid and shows no growth on the

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an extraordinary change. The right foot immediately got red, and in thirty

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nique, maladie bronz^, maladie d' Addison (Fr.); Addison'sche Krankheit

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it may also be noted at times when the severer uraemic symptoms seem

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tiniiiiiK r the s.iliiic iiijr.-licii, ih,. Iiloud |ii.>siii,. ri'luriis vet.

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111 N..M..S, L'.;i : ()ii:;ln i,( \;,v,,,,i.,t,.i ^■,l^, Kiln. is. 2:;^' : >'..i- t..i N,.m..

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Axiiti Hcllfxcs, ^s.",; KiMicliiiiis of Aiitiirii.ini.- Ncrvi's, VSI; Atrcrmt I'IImts (if

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membranes and of the abdominal wall. In one of the writer's cases in which

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the result that an increased excretion of carlioii dioxide and intake nf

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when the vasomotor disturbances are extreme and when the local asphyxia

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ossea, affecting the cranium alone, or in the diffuse form. The disease usually

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apple, growing down to the pharynx, or up into the base of the brain, and

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diu'cstion also t;d<(s place in the stomach when the fat is taken in .t

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fever began to have pains in the front of the left arm, and in a few days there

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and was chiefly in the sole and in the toes. In the recumbent posture the

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iiii'tliods for tlto iii\ ('stiifatiiiii of tlic clu'iiiistiy of rrs|)iiMtion, niaii.v

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"i much nuire enerfjy than is |)ro\ ided liy the known pliysicai factors,

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hydro-arthrosis and the intermittent parotid swelling scarcely come in this

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i)t'lay in tlif liaiiNiiiissinii nl' the piiisr \a\«' is fui'lliiT iiliscrvcd as him

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'inn to the first (the stromuhr'i method is tin' jxissilile interference with

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upon wmch Weir Mitchell lays great stress is the influence of change of

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form in the urine, but it may become dumb-bell-shaped as well.

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inciif of Ihc lu'u'ntivi' phnM- is iiiHliiiilitcjIy (Irpciulcnf upon somh- ich

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Others regard it more in the nature of a neuralgia, some as connected with a

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pidse (if the foot ;it a cuff i»r'essure ei|iial to thai piodueiu!,' oliliteiatioii

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