I quite agree with what has been said in regard to the diffi-

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by mechanic occlusion of the blood-vessels; later it

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observer has had sufficient experience with the disease, but

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heart (Gaz. Med. 1837, p. 671), thought that it would be sufficient to pre-

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notice which he has given of our journal, and state "that we see with satis-

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Jan. 15, 1838,^ the President, Mr. Bryant, stated that there was a remarkable

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at the farms, and practically converts vagabonds into

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Inguinal glands and were also present In the heart's blood.

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630 persons ill with the disease or as "suspects" or "contacts."

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confined to the lower portion of the wall and therefore insuffi-

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were tied, and a delay of about ten minutes now took place, in order that

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actual result of the case was unknown to Dr. U., but he heard of the

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Philadelphia, 1848, died at Charleston, W. Va., April 1, front

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of the pressure was usually due to the tubercular debris

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offers a greater or less resistance to the development of

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for March, 472 cases of smallpox with 3 deaths. It is esti-

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diminish the nutritive and assimilating processes, and, by lessening the

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the prodromal symptoms of enteric fever, there existed the

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facility with which the muscles become exhausted by voluntary

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portion of mucous membrane entirely removed for the space of a foot.

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tion of which is extremely potent in the causation of

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direct ancestral — possible or certain-^and in one col-

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cular deposit that must eventually destroy the patient's

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mouth about a wineglassful of blood ; that after this discharge she was

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Accepting service, I secured the assistance of Dr. Chris-

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points of the flag staffs on the ramparts for the space of half an hour, and

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tion? I will not presume to say; I simply relate the fact. It is always the

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urgency of the symptoms requiring instant delivery in the fifth case, pre-

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demonstrated by delineations of the structure and forms, and descriptions of the func-

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Cask 86. — Operator, Elselberg : 1890. Cervlco-dorsal region .

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tions should be taken even against the importation of dry

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Luxation of the Hip-Joint. Schlesinoeb. — In severe cases

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