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tracting cocaine The leaves are digested in alcohol

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who ought to know better wearing charms against certain evils fancy

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was agreed to. A week ago as all urgent symptoms had disappeared

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of the leg join the foot and so forth. The constant occurrence

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on both sides per cent had no children and. per cent

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pleteness we have mania and melancholia in which chemical changes in

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canin e and the variola of fowls. Professor M Eachran of the

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a broad bandage or binder. The object I take it of this

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ing in character. There is neither redness nor tenderness as a rule

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period of a few days. Paris made its first acquaintance

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sisting power that we must cultivate mens sana in corpora

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presence of some condition inimical to the action of the ferment.

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by influences which reduce their resistance. Some of the infec

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the glucose curves. First it takes somewhat longer for the rise to

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enough milk to nourish a chiUl and is obliged to keep the

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but remain more or less distinguishable among the crowds of cells. There is

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before the next case developed. Certainly meningitis here could not

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The Wassermann reactions of the blood and spinal fluid

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the centre. The carrot is more nutritions in proj f rtion to

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well marked cases since the degree of inflammatory action is subject to

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aged over. It should be added that my most recent case which is

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a small splint is applied. This can be made from a tongue depressor.

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a case of carcinomatous metastasis where the lesion was within

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trench nephritis. Better living conditions were fol

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cordingly treated without reference to the disease of the joints.

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to a uniform nosological type. The first result of examination is the

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badly borne by those among whom the disease is uio t fre

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sanitary milk of a higher grade inevitaMy involves an

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with kindest and yet not too hopeful words her whose trial

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blood stream of vital integrity and sufficiency. Pepto Mangan

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